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For the last couple of days I’ve been playing around on Google’s new social networking site, Google+ and I have to say, I’m liking it a lot. Right now my favorite features are the instant photo upload from my Android phone and the way you organize everyone into circles. Some people might be in multiple circles, say, friends, family, writers, poets. Some might be in one all their own, like techies. You can choose to send your post out to everyone at once or just select circles. Another plus is that you can also post something and include someone via email.

Hangouts are a cool integrated video chat that worked great for me.

The UI is clean and intuitive. I think you have more privacy controls than on Facebook.

Right now it’s a small population but I think it will keep on growing, especially when Google formally opens the doors. For now, if you have a Google profile set up and you want to come play, send me your Google email address and I can open a door.

Oh, and they also have a vanity url. I grabbed mine right away.

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Saturday success

Saturday Lynn Hazen and I taught another class on Social Media for authors, this time an all day event at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.

We had a full house (almost too full as it was tough to get between the tables so we could help people) and I think everyone had a great time and hopefully learned a lot. Quite a few people set up their first blogs while right there in the room with us and I think they were a bit amazed at how easy it was. I am still trying to figure out what to tell people about the differences (minus java script capability here on LJ) of the various platforms and why you should choose one over the other.

Hats off to all your fearless people who took the class and then took the plunge into the the social media madness.

It is still such a HUGE topic to try and cover in one day, especially with so many people at different stages.

I think I am going to set up a local social media "drop in" clinic sort of thing, maybe once a month, where people can bring their laptops and work on a particular aspect of their own social media system with my help. If you’re in the Silicon Valley area and this sounds interesting to you, leave me a comment and I’ll add you to my notification list.

If you are looking for more info online, don’t forget to check out the new blog in town, The Happy Accident, where Greg Pincus, aka Gottabook, encourages you to play in traffic and set yourself up for the "happy accidents" that often occur with social networking.

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Why do you blog? Why do you Twitter?

I’m building some handouts for my class on Social Networking for authors tomorrow and thought it would be good to have some quotes with links to various people. Please answer any of the questions below with links to your various online homes and I’ll share them with the class. Let me know if you’re a writer, reviewer, libraian, agent, editor, whatever. 🙂


Why do you blog?
Susan Taylor Brown – writer
I love the community support I get from blogging, being able to share the ups and downs of this crazy business and realizing that I am not alone. I like being able to share what I know about the busines with others.

Why do you Twitter?
Susan Taylor Brown – writer
I love the way I can get instant answers to just about any question, stay on top of the industry news and connect with other writers.


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Sunday question

What do you wish you had known about blogs or Twitter or Facebook or any social networking stuff before you got involved online?

Okay, besides how addicting they can be. 🙂

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Survey – Social Media & the publishing world

I’m working on a presentation for authors about Social Media & the publishing world. I’d love to get some feedback on any of the following questions:

#1 What is your connection to the publishing world? 

Other. Please explain.

#2 Which of the following to do you participate in?

Other? Please explain.

#3 List your favorites from above and explain why and/or how you use them.

#4 Has Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin helped you in any way with your job? Research? Finding a job? Making an important connection? Please give any examples.

#5 What is the best and the worst about Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin?

#6 How to do you manage to participate in social media and still have time to write/edit/do your job?

#7 Have you ever made a mistake in the social media network and wish you could take it back? Can you share?

#8 How important do you think it is for authors to utilize Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin and why?

Thanks in advance! And please, if you can, help spread the word so I can get as much feedback as possible.

If you would rather not respond online and want to email me, you can send your responses to: susantaylorbrown (AT) gmail (DOT) com
   Follow me on Twitter @susanwrites

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The Children's Media Professionals' Forum

Here’s a resource that needs to get shared a bit more.  The Children’s Media Professionals’ Forum was developed by children’s author April Sayre and her husband Jeff with the idea of creating a professional environment to bring high quality content to children and young adults. It’s a great place for educators, librarians, media professionals, readers and writers to link up. If you love children’s literature, be sure to check it out.

Okay…and shameless self-promotion time, I’m the featured author of the week over there so I do hope some of you will come over and post a question so I won’t feel too lonely. You have to register, but it’s free! The Children’s Media Professionals’ Forum is a great resource and I hope you’ll check it out and help spread the word to other teachers, librarians, writers and readers that you know.

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