First off, I have to say one thing I am not thankful for. I am not thankful for DHL losing my new computer and for Dell saying they don’t believe DHL (or me) and that I have to continue to wait until which time Dell will decide if it is really and truly lost at which time they will begin to rebuild the new computer and it will be sent out again, probably via DHL. Grrr.

I am thankful that I only have 9 more working days in this place that is sinking faster than the proverbial lead balloon.

I am thankful for the foot massage my husband gave me last night which relaxed me enough to allow me 7 hours of wonderful, solid, sleep.

I am thankful that Yerba Buena nursery has a delivery service. Tuesday I faxed over my order and today, for a mere $30, they are delivering more plants. What a deal!

I am thankful that Thursday is my Friday and I have three days off.

I am thankful for the glorious weather we are having which is just perfect for working in the yard!