Though I am thankful for many things today I thought I would pick just a few of the practical ones.

I’m thankful for my air conditioning. I’m a total hot weather wimp (opposite from when I was a kid) and need to keep the house at a cool temp for me to even be able to function.

I am thankful for mosquito fish who have gone to work on all the bugs in the pot ponds.

I am thankful that my husband, who works as a contractor, is still gainfully employed in this time of great financial unease.

I am thankful that I am able to be home writing, after my own layoff, supplementing my oft-sparse writing income with speaking and teaching and my work with Children’s Literature Network. I don’t think I ever formally announced this but I am now working part time for Children’s Literature Network and Winding Oak as a web editor. I love that it is connected to children’s literature and that it allows me to keep up with some web work which was the best part of my old day job.

I am thankful to[info]laurasalas  for the intro to the job at Children’s Literature Network and Winding Oak.