Whew. The entire weekend was spent doing almost nothing but publicity stuff. I can’t say that it is all done but at least it is closer to being done. I’m getting ready to do my postcard mailing plus a bunch of review copies of Oliver need to go out. And if I am sending a review copy I need to send a press kit and mine was woefully out of date and missing stuff. At least now all the master copies are done, a bunch printed out, and tomorrow night after work I can stuff and address envelopes. I still need to finish my list of schools to mail to but that will have to wait a little long. I wish I could afford to pay for some help with this kind of thing but it is hard for me to rationalize spending money on things like that. Oliver’s traveling bags are just about ready too. One or two more items to tuck into them and I can cross that off MY to-do list.

The office is approaching being done. The new curtains that had to be hemmed will be ready this week. I went to the Container Store and bought all kinds of neat storage boxes. If I had a couple more days in my weekend I might even get it finished but alas, it’s back to work in the morning.

Writing update: Frankie doesn’t trust people being nice to him. I don’t blame him. Dr. M might be a friend. Also RD. Max is still sick.

Me. I’m off for bed, perchance to dream.