I am thinking about blogging but as we all know, thinking about blogging and actually blogging are not the same thing. So here is a drive-by post of what’s going on.

I’m tackling the still-massive to-do list, trying to whittle it down to size before I head to Austin in a few weeks. Actually less than that. I fly out on the 1st! Woohoo! Looking forward to meeting some online folks face-to-face like Liz Scanlon and Don Tate and others and hopefully getting to spend some time with my friend Peni. But before I go I have a bunch of work-for-hire stuff to get done because I intend to come home from Austin all fired up.

I think I officially have a cold. I have been fighting it off and I was hoping that it was just the results of talking so much at the presentation on Saturday but no, stuffy head wanna sleep gunk in the back of the throat tells me otherwise. So this stinks because I also don’t want to be sick when I travel and I have a hard time kicking colds.

Speaking of the presentation on Saturday, I just love this picture of me and Lynn (wait, did I just say I loved a picture of me? I did and I do) because it shows how much fun we had there. It was a great group, the Tri Valley branch of California Writers Club, and such good energy.

We have a new bubbling rock in the backyard for the birds and I can see it from my writing desk. This was important because the other bubbling rock and bird bath are hidden from me when I’m at the computer desk. To see them I have to go to my research desk or the reading chair. Anyway, the birds are having a blast there and it seems to be a favorite of the finches. The sparrows and pine siskins like to do the group bathing thing, 7 or 8 birds at a time in the bird bath and it is too much for the finches. They seem to be enjoying the new bubbler away from everything else.

I am also trying to plan the updates that are needed for the garden since cooler weather is coming and that’s the time to get the native plants in the ground. But it’s hard because when I start thinking about plants I start thinking about plant kid and want to work on his story, and I can’t let myself do that right now. The focus has to stay on Flyboy.

Back to the WFH project. There is one I think, I hope, I can finish today.

What are you up to this week?