This week’s memory challenge is inspried by the fact that this week is Halloween. So I thought I’d try to see how many Halloween memories I could bring up to the surface. This one surprised me as I have very few memories about Halloween as a child.

I rememer that I couldn’t wait until the costumes showed up in the stores. They were all made by the same company and came with those one piece costumes and a hard plasic mask that made me sweat. The only costume I actually remember is one of Casper the Friendly Ghost.

I can’t remember any other single costume. Okay, wait, I remember being a clown in a costume that my grandmother made for me with a tall, cone cap.

I can’t remember going trick or treating.

I remember that my mom had a large paper skeleton that she would hang on the front door. And we had this foam like pumpkin that had a single light bulb in the center to make it light up. We’d put it in the front window.

Wow, that’s all I remember about Halloween as a child. Your turn. What memories do you have of Halloween?