Aha – this time I am getting my memory challenge post up before midnight. Whew!

Today’s post is inspired by being busy…overwhelmingly wonderfuly busy doing the things I love to do, writing and teaching and talking to great people about things we all love to do, like writing and teaching, well you get the idea.

Trying to get organized made me think about homework in school. I have always been deadline driven, much to my mother’s dismay. Those projects that teachers would give you several weeks to do? I’d wait until a couple of days before it was due, go into panic mode, and then work like a demon until I got it done and collected my good grade.

I can remember doing a report on Argentina and we had a family friend who often went there for business. There was so much I could have learned by asking him questions but leaving that report until the night before made it a wee bit impossible.

Math homework was always saved for the absolute last minute because I hated it so very much. Science was the same thing.

I always wanted to do my homework sprawled in front of the television set but I usually had to sit in the kitchen and work on it while my grandmother was fixing dinner.

hmm…looks like I don’t have as many homework memories as I thought I did. Probably because except for math I loved school. I didn’t actually MIND doing the homework, I just had a hard time getting started.

What about you? Do you have any homework memories from your childhood?