When we lived with my grandmother chores were done on the same day every week. (so were meals). Ironing was always done on Mondays. I wasn’t very good at ironing but I begged until I was finally allowed to iron my grandfather’s handkerchiefs. He always used the same kinds, red bandannas. He had some pretty white ones but they stayed stuffed in his drawers.

The bandannas were 100% cotton which meant they were really wrinkled after they were washed. So they had to be sprinkled with water before I could iron them.  My grandmother had a 7 up bottle with a sprinkler cap top so I could sprinkle water on the handkerchiefs as I ironed.

Sometimes I got to rake leaves but not often. I think that’s because I’d rather play in the leaves than leave them in piles.

After dinner I cleared the table and had to dry the dishes. (No dishwasher when I was growing up.) I wasn’t allowed to wash them. My grandmother was sure that she was the only one who could get the dishes all the way clean.

When the washing machine dinged I had to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer. The one chore I had every Saturday  was to clean the bathrooms. As I got older I was allowed to dust, but that was about it.

Hmmm…..I guess I was a little bit spoiled.

Your turn. What kind of chores did you have as a kid.