Today’s memory challenge is inspired by my re-evaluating all the various clubs and organizations I’m involved in and trying to decide what works for me and what doesn’t. As yet, I don’t really have any answers for myself. But it did make me think about what I was involved in when I was a child.

The first club I remember was something called, I think, Great Books for Young Readers. Or something close to that. I remember taking some sort of reading test and then getting this formal letter saying I was eligible for this after school “club” which turned out to be an early variant of a gifted program. I loved it. We read books. We talked about books. We listened to recordings of plays and then went to see them at A.C.T. It was my kind of club. They “got” me there.

There was also chorus at school, an after school program back when there was still some money for the arts. We went to different schools to perform. I seem to remember that what we sang most were patriotic songs. And choir when I got a bit older.

And there were Brownies and Girl Scouts which I think my mom pushed me toward trying to help me make friends but it didn’t really work because all those girls all lived and the same neighborhood and then there was me. But I liked earning merit badges.

Hmm….I don’t think I was in any other club through school or if I was, I don’t remember them.

How about you? What clubs were you involved in as a child?