When I was a child the purses I remember my mother carrying were always big with one of those snap closures at the top that could pinch the skin if you weren’t careful. No over the should casual bag for her. The outside might change, I don’t recall her having a large collection but perhaps a navy blue or black for fall/winter and a white or tan for spring and summer. The insides though, they were almost always the same. 

– – – A wallet, as I remember a fat one that held the checkbook too. 
– – –  A coin purse, one of those squeeze to open kind. 
– – –  A keyring that wasn’t a ring. It was a crossed teardrop sort of thing and you unscrewed one knob in order to slide the keys on. The top of each knob was a green stone. 
– – –  Lipstick in a gold colored case/tube. Why the different case for the lipstick I have no idea. 
– – –  Compact, or pressed powder as I believe it was called back then. 
– – –  A plastic rain bonnet, one of those little folded up accordian pleated kind. 
– – –  A silk scarf – one that was big enough to cover her hair (often raised high on her head) and protect her stylish “do” from the wind. 
– – –  A few bobby pins, safety pins and BandAids 
– – –  A pen that was usually one of those plastic ones that had advertising on the side
– – –  One of those fold-up/collapsible cups 
– – –  A small package of Kleenex 
– – –  A few doses of Mylanta tablets that she always carried for me 

Edited to add:

Gum. How could I forget that she always had gum? Wrigleys or Dentyne.
Dental floss.

Your turn. What do you remember? What was in your mother’s purse?

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