When I was looking through the pictures that were already scanned to show Melodye one of my frilly dresses, I couldn’t find any. Well, I found some from the back when I did a series on my mother taking pictures of how long my hair was all the time…so Melodye, I’ll have to find the box of pics and scan them in. But what I did find, were pictures of me with dolls. Ilove love loved my baby dolls as a child. One or two of them were always with me, especially for picture taking time.

The front porch was a popular posing spot. Here I am with two of my very favorites, a Bye Bye Baby made my Ideal and a Gerber baby. Someday, when I can afford it, I’m going to buy myself a couple of those. I wish I still had them, or any of my dolls, but when I was about 10 or 11 I got the idea to donate them to the local children’s home. I wish I had saved at least one.

At Christmas there was always a picture taken of me in front of the tree at the car dealership where my mom worked. This is me with Chatty Cathy, another favorite.

My cousin Diane and I on my grandmother’s cedar chest which is sitting in my library now.

Patty Play Pal was tons of fun because she could wear my old clothes.

When it was time to pose, even my grandfather got into the act with Patty Play Pal.

And even when my cousin Jimmy was born and I had a real life baby to play with, I still brought my baby doll with me.

Debra McElroy, Leanne Ciconne, me and Linda Tuey. And of course if I had a bunch of dolls, I had to have a tea party for them, right? I had Barbie dolls, one of the old ones with no moving parts and I remember going to Rhodes Department store and standing in line to trade it in for one of the new ones with bendable legs and long blonde hair and an orange bathing suit with some kind of netting over the top of it. Less than a month after turning it in I wanted my old one back again.

Your turn, what was one of your favorite toys from childhood?