Okay, so just about an hour or so ago I posted about not thinking about Plant Kid.

Well I take it back. I take it all back. My brain is racing now. 

This morning I read this lovely post by

 who is one of the truly good people fighting the good fight to take care of injured/orphaned wildlife. I am inspired by her (and her husband’s) dedication to their 24/7 job. She spoke of finding room for “just one more bird” who needed a little bit of help. That bird was a cowbird which is just a very interesting creature that I had been reading about last week doing some research for Plant Kid. I had never heard of it before (just learning about birds) and I tucked the name away as an interesting fact that I could maybe use. Then I read mirtlemist’s post and got a bit excited again about maybe using the research. 

Then I told myself to quit reading blogs, go get a new cup of chai and the get back to the ESL projects.

As is my way I go to the patio door at my office and look out and what should I see?

Cowbirds!  Four of them. I have NEVER seen them in the yard before. Ever.

Oh it is going to be so hard to get through June. I hope my subconscious continues to do some work for me.