Okay, yes, it has been more than a couple of weeks since I last tried to resurface. Boy how time flies when you are running 8 directions at once. Do you have any idea how long it takes to print and fold 3000 brochures, 3000 flyers, 3000 address labels, 3000 mailing labels? And then put those labels and stamps on 3000 envelopes? And then stuff the brochure, the flyer, AND 3 postcards into each of 3000 envelopes? And THEN seal all 3000 envelopes? Well I thought I knew how long it would take, but I was wrong. Triple any time estimates you might have and you’ll probably be close. I still have about 500 envelopes to seal but had to stop for a while as I had the second round of revisions due on my novel. So yes, I’m spinning in circles. The revisions are due Thursday and I should make that okay, then back to the envelopes, all going out much later than I had planned.

In other news, I DID get my new car. (Honda Civic Coupe, EX, beautiful Atomic Blue) Yahoo! That’s the good news. It’s beautiful and smooth and quite intimidating right now because it is so different from my tin can Kia that I used to drive. The bad news is that I am having head rest issues. Actually they are called “head restraints” and are supposed to help protect against whiplash except that for me, at 5′ tall, they push my head forward at an unnatural angle. So yes, I have a new car but it hurts to drive it. We’re trying other things to fix it, like trying an Accord head rest and turning the current head rest backwards and if needs, taking it off all together. Sigh. But other than that, I love it. Lot to get used to. So much window that the visibility is good but weird. Hard to see out of the back and I have no idea where the end of the car is so that will just take time to get to know it. The online navigation is awesome and can be controlled with a touch screen or voice command. Actually all the audio can be controlled with voice commands too, which is pretty darn cool!

I drove it to work for the first time yesterday and at lunch there were a bunch of guys gathered around it. That’s never happened with any car I’ve owned.

Now all it needs is a name. A literary name, of course. Suggestions, anyone?