That’s the question of the night. My husband the non-writer let me yammer at him for a bit tonight, spinning absolutely useless ideas, crappy, stinky, I can’t believe you even said that ideas, in the hopes that I would eventually flush the good ones to the top. No luck. Did I mention how much I hate being at this beginning part of the book? Sigh.

I know the story is about M. I know what she wants most in the world. I don’t know what her parents are like but I do know that they are not the sort of people I would make eye contact with on the street. I don’t know if she really did the terrible thing I think she did and if she did I don’t know why. And if she didn’t do the terrible thing I think she did then how did she get into the class she’s in? And if she did do it, why did she do it? What could one kid say to another kid that would cause this to happen? She might be fat. But maybe she’s not. She might have a younger brother. But maybe not. She might have a talent at something but I have no idea what. She doesn’t have any pets and I wouldn’t want to sleep in her bed.

I did mention, didn’t I, how much I hate this part of getting started?

And then there’s her name. Which I know is her name. Absolutely her name and no one else’s BUT there’s a worry there. If you look her name up in a book someone might connect it to Hugging the Rock and then I wonder if people will wonder what the heck is wrong with that writer that she’s so obsessed with those things? Man we writers are a worrying bunch, are we not?

So it all comes down to I don’t know. 

Kelly – 4 days until May 1st and then it’s time to go looking for these answers through the actual writing.