I love the way Barbara O’Connor does Writing Tip Tuesdays. Sometimes she shares her own tips and sometimes she posts bits of wisdom from writing books she has read. What I love about that is that I have often read the same books but absorbed it as a whole, rather than as a targeted helpful tip. I like the chance to look a little deeper at what the author is trying to teach me. Since I’m trying to do writing thoughts on Wednesday I thought I’d try to do the same thing here. I have 8 shelves of books on how to write (yes, a bit of a junkie) and many of them have gobs of little Post-it notes hanging out the side.

Today’s writing thought  comes from the book Emotional Structure,Creating the Story Beneath the Plot A Guide for Screenwriters by Peter Dunne.

“Good drama is not about the thing. It is how we feel about the thing.”