Life is still a mass of confusion due to the delayed depart from the dayjob, a day of total freak-out when I thought I screwed something up and might have fallen into an identity theft scam (omigosh – SO scary), both of my kids having their own personal brand of melt-downs, and me still being sick. How does a writer write though all of that?

Well sometimes they don’t.

But I am trying and that’s where this week’s Writing Tip comes from. It works for writing and it works for life. You simply fake it. If you act like a writer you become a writer. (Note that I am not saying GREAT writer or even a PUBLISHED writer but if you’re in the middle of your own melt-down what usually matters most is getting back to getting words on the page again.)

How do you fake the writing? You start by showing up at your writing place, wherever that might be, instead of ignoring it. You write A LOT of drafts. You let yourself write crap because at least you are writing. You play typist, typing in passages of someone else’s book until you feel the urge to change it.

Just play make-believer for a little while. Fake it til you make it. Pretend you are a writer and your mind will help you create your own reality.